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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fast Company - Design

For a recent (day-long) train trip, I wanted some new reading material, but the local newsagent was out of "The Economist". They did still have a copy of "Fast Company", and as it happens, I'd read a few articles from there lately (including browsing the article on Gordon Bell the life-logger). So I took a chance and bought a copy (the November 2006 edition).

It was highly enjoyable reading. In particular, I thought the design was excellent and exemplary. (It compares favourably to the design of "New Scientist", not coincidentally another of my favourite magazines, which also pays careful attention to readability.) The text is easily integrated with the images, just about every page seems fresh and readable (no doubt helped by having plenty of short 1 or 2 page articles), and it used some great photographs. (I know nothing about design, these are just my impressions.)

No doubt I'd get bored with it over time, but this, the first edition I'd bought, was a highlight.

The next time I was looking for a magazine to buy (for a 3-hour plane flight this time), I couldn't find a copy of "Fast Company" ... but they did still have the Christmas double edition of "The Economist", so I was happy to settle for that.