Assemblany: Towards Democratic Corporations

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Democratic and/or Creative MMORPGs

I recently discovered that "A Tale in the Desert" allows users to vote on laws, so it could be described as a democratic MMORPG (though I'm not sure if the Pharaoh is up for election :)

Similarly Second Life (no link necessary :) would have to be one of the more creative MMORPGs - I hear that you can design vehicles and buildings as well as clothing (and hairstyles).

But I think there's still room for innovation. From a previous post: imagine a MMORPG where you could also vote in rules that allowed entirely new classes of objects; where the profit from fees was shared by developers or re-invested in the business; where new realms or worlds could be created at the whim of the players. (All of this, of course, assumes that the developers can actually implement the changes in a reasonable time :)


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