Assemblany: Towards Democratic Corporations

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Introducing Fribitzberry

To further illustrate how an assemblany could work, there'll be a series of posts about a hypothetical Web assemblany called "Fribitzberry" (the name has no particular meaning).

Fribitzberry has been operating for about twelve months, and is just starting to become profitable (yeah, yeah, it's a hypothetical example). It has 10 Workers and about 200 other Voters (these are customers who have cared enough about its products to sign up and try to influence improvements that are made to it).

It is "focussed on enabling the better fribitzing of rogenthumps" (at least, that's its mission statement).

EDIT: the entries will be written from the point of view of a Worker, specifically a tester for the company's product(s).


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